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Air Frying Vegetables: Healthy or Not?

Fried chicken, fried turkey, even fried Oreos, but fried vegetables? Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Well, not quite. More and more people are experimenting with different vegetable frying methods. Although it may sound pointless and counterproductive to put your vegetables in the Power Air Fryer, reviews and research shows that throwing your favorite veggies into the air fryer is often healthier than other methods of preparation.

You probably never thought that you would hear the word “healthy” as a way to describe fried food, but there is some truth to stringing the two words together. Research shows that when food is fried with olive oil, it increases the nutritional content more than baking or sautéing. The olive oil enhances the presence of phenols-disease fighting chemicals that protect cells- and preserves them in the food.

Since the Power Air Fryer works by circulating hot air, the heat transfers the oil to vegetables, increasing and locking in the present phenols.  Even though the Power Air Fryer does not require oil, you do still have the option to add olive oil as you desire. This means that you can still reap the benefits of the nutritional value of olive oil-fried food by using your Power Air Fryer. Air frying is already a healthy alternative to deep frying foods. By combining the two methods of olive oil and air frying, you can experiment with healthier and more diverse ways of cooking.

So don’t fear fried vegetables. In fact, embrace them! From fried zucchini to fried tomatoes, there are plenty of great recipes for you to try in your Power Air Fryer.

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