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Avoiding Health Risks Associated With Fried Foods Is Easy With This Modern Appliance

power air fryerWhile your doctor would probably advise against it, try subsisting off a steady diet of fried foods and tell us how you feel in a week. When compared to eating fresh fruits and vegetables, we can say with confidence that indulging in French fries on a daily basis isn’t going to boost your energy in the ways that healthier foods could. In fact, it’s fairly well-known that oil-soaked items aren’t going to do anything good for you whatsoever. However, the true risks associated with regular fried food consumption aren’t so easy to pick up on. As with most risky lifestyle choices, it takes time for the effects of eating too much fried food to take hold. Learning about those risks now and curbing bad behavior before it’s too late — or simply purchasing a Power Air Fryer as an alternative cooking method — is then a wise move for anyone who wants to lead a long and healthy life while still being able to indulge in their contemporary  versions of their favorite finger foods.


The fried food equation is a rather straightforward one: A dish is soaked in batter and occasionally butter before cooking. It is then submerged in a bath of oil that is also absorbed into the food as it cooks. The fat-laden oil is then intrinsically a part of the dish you’re eating and given that the calorie count has increased due to the oil, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be getting more calories than you need. Beyond the possibility of weight gain, those who eat fried food too often are also more at risk for suffering a stroke, having increased cholesterol or suffering from heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.


While one option is using “healthier” oils like olive or coconut when cooking, there’s another viable alternative that eliminates the need for deep fryer altogether and is far cheaper than buying olive oil in bulk: air frying. This approach is often accomplished through the use of a Power Air Fryer appliance and the heated air that’s rapidly circulated throughout. The result is a dish that packs the same “crunch” that everyone seeks from fried food, but it wasn’t done with artery-clogging oil. Rather, you’ve rendered perfect French fries at home with nothing but heated air. Abstaining is key, as any nutritionist will tell you, but a Power Air Fryer can also aid on your quest for that fried food dish delivered without all of the unhealthy oil.

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