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Trans Fat Ban Months Away, But You Can Take Steps Now To Avoid Unhealthy Ingredients

power air fryerIf the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is stepping in to cease the use of certain cooking ingredients, you know that you’ve got something worrisome on your hands. That’s exactly what the FDA did in mid-2015 for trans fats when it also determined that the partially hydrogenated oils must be eliminated by 2018. Seeing as we’re less than two months out from the new year, now is a good time to take a look back at this decision and explore additional ways to avoid artery-clogging dangers on a daily basis, such as using a Power Air Fryer appliance over a traditional deep fryer.


According to The New York Times, the decision to ban trans fats – which for years were an alternative to animal fat and made appearances in everything from microwave popcorn to coffee creamer – was driven by health concerns. The assumption that it was a healthier alternative to traditional fat was eventually proven wrong through medical research, with trans fats being blamed for increased rates of heart disease. When the FDA voted in 2015 to give food companies three years to nix the ingredient from their production processes, the authority felt that this would “prevent 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths from heart disease each year,” the Times reported at the time.


With this approach in mind, we think that there additional steps that Americans who want to improve their health can take – starting today. If you purchased an at-home deep fryer for novelty purposes, throw it out. That’s because there’s no shortage of medical research showing that regularly fried food consumption can also lead to heart attacks and heart disease. By ditching the traditional “fried” food, you’ll now have the opportunity to test a Power Air Fryer appliance. What does this essential kitchen addition do? We’re glad you asked!


An air fryer, as the name suggests, rapidly circulates air that has reached temperatures of 400 degrees. Through the even distribution of this extremely hot air, you’ll get French fries and other appetizers that are crisp and brown just like the deep-fried variants we’re all familiar with. However, the only oil used in the process is a few drops for flavoring — and even that amount is at your discretion. By investing in a Power Air Fryer, you are simultaneously doing your body a major favor and preparing meals that are easy to cook and fun to eat. With everything from onion rings and chicken wings to cherry pie and candied yams now on the menu,  it’s time to test this appliance at home in your kitchen.

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