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Eating Healthier in 2018? Power Air Fryer Reviews Show How This Appliance Can Help

As we dive head-first into the first weeks of 2018, so many of us will be emboldened by the desire to jump-start a healthier lifestyle. It’s at this onset of the new year that resolutions are in a “make-or-break” state. However, you can easily stick to these goals through a bit of planning and the […]

Different Uses for Your Air Fryer

When you think of the Power Air Fryer, you immediately think of delicious, golden brown fried chicken or crisped to perfection French fries. You start daydreaming about every single thing that can be fried, has been fried, or you want to try fried. But did you know that there is more to your Power Air […]

Air Frying Vegetables: Healthy or Not?

Fried chicken, fried turkey, even fried Oreos, but fried vegetables? Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Well, not quite. More and more people are experimenting with different vegetable frying methods. Although it may sound pointless and counterproductive to put your vegetables in the Power Air Fryer, reviews and research shows that throwing your favorite veggies into the […]